Constellations are visible patterns of stars which, together, form a shape telling a story. In this section, you will find constellations forming around Italian writers who played an important role in defining computer culture.

Each ‘constellation’ is named after the person, group, or institution at the centre of a narration linking together several other ‘nodes’. For example, ‘Constellation Nanni Balestrini’ describes the most relevant events, and collaborations in the field of computer culture and literature with which Nanni Balestrini was in contact, as well as the people who influenced and inspired him.

Each ‘constellation’ is a microhistory in the sense intended by the historian Carlo Ginzburg—that is to say, a lens that analyses in detail how art and technology have always shaped each other and, especially, how the process of narrating computing happens.

Other ‘constellations’ covering more recent periods are currently being developed and will be uploaded soon.

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